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WBEA Ambient Air Monitoring Trends

Ambient Air Monitoring

Since 1997, the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA) monitoring network has grown to include and operate 28 ambient air monitoring stations throughout the RMWB. These include industrial, attribution, community, background, and meteorological stations. The WBEA collects ambient air data through continuous analyzers and time-integrated samplers to ensure residents and stakeholders have the information they need to make informed environmental decisions. All WBEA air monitoring data are fully quality-assured and submitted to, an AEP on-line database for all of Alberta’s ambient air quality data, by the end of the following month. All of the WBEA’s data can also be found on our website at

This site is intended to compare data annually and visually present data trends over time. There are three primary sections to view data trends: continuous and time-integrated data for specific air quality parameters, ground-level concentration exceedances, and analyzer average operational time.

Please note: This site is in development and will continue to incorporate more WBEA data. Please check back!

To view data trends within each section, click on the images below.